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Thank you for sending me your caramels. They were absolutely delicious ! From packaging to product you created a masterpiece!
- Farrah in CT

OMG they are AMAZING!! I just shared them with a few people in my office I am visiting and they were totally wowed.
So awesome! - Laura in NYC

Okay, I figured out how to eat the caramels. Putting all in your mouth at once is too intense.

I can only handle such amazing flavor a bite at a time. They are like slow love making for your mouth.

You know when you are just so in love and into the other person that you just can't stop indulging in them.

Well, that's what the tongue and the caramel are doing. Mouth loves, pure and straight!

Mmmmmmm ! More please! - Mandy in VT

OMG !!! Is all I can say about the caramels. They are absolutely amazing. I brought them into work today to share

with the office. They are a HUGE hit and everyone wants to know where we can get more. - Beth in CT

The caramels were great . . . my older son loved them. I did love the box it came in . . very classy . . .

will be ordering some more on line. - Frances in CT

Simply put, my family has never tasted a better caramel! Delicious! - Jeff in UT