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How old is the recipe?
The recipe dates back over 100 years from Grandmother to Great Grandmother.

Are the caramels wrapped by hand?
Every caramel is painstakingly cut and wrapped by hand. Just like Grandma herself did.

Where are they made?
In the fine state of Utah.

Is each batch made to order?
When you place your order, that starts the process of a batch being made especially for you.

Are the Kraft bags recyclable?
Yes, the brown bags we use are recyclable.

How long does it take to make a batch of caramels?
This may be hard to believe in an age of “fast” and “speedy”, but some things can’t be rushed. Each batch takes almost an hour of simmering and stirring to make delicious.

Is each batch made with Grandmother’s recipe?
The same recipe and measurements she used is what we use today. You don’t change perfection!

How long will the caramels last?
The caramels will keep for 2 months. However, most customers tell us they eat every last one in 3 days!

Do you put anything addictive in the caramels because I can’t stop eating them?...
Don’t worry if you exhibit signs of addiction, that’s normal for Grandma’s Caramels.

What is your secret?
It may sound cliché, but we truly love making people happy with our caramels, we use high quility ingredients.