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In my family, holiday time means baking . . . serious baking. There are loaves of banana nut bread, cranberry-banana bread, pans of brownies, batches of chocolate chip cookies, recipes of Hello Dollys and for those select few ...Caramels.


Spending the afternoon with my mother preparing the list, who is on the list, and what will be on their plate was exciting.... kind of like Santa's List, except no one is every taken off for being bad that year.

We kept adding new friends every year, and the list kept growing. We shopped for the decorative plates, wrapping and the perfect ribbon. My mother taught me that the presentation is part of the gift.


I learned how to make the caramels from my grandmother. I remember spending the afternoon in her kitchen talking about everything while stirring, and stirring, and stirring the caramel. Each caramel would sit overnight, then we would cut and wrap it in a square of wax paper or aluminum foil. It was like wrapping a small present.


I didn't know until just a few years ago that I was the only granddaughter she taught how to make the delicious caramels. I'm pretty sure it was because I was the oldest!

Grandma's Caramels is excited to share this tradition with you and yours for the holidays, or for any occasion you would like to give that special someone a delicious treat.



Grandma's Caramels